Freight Tariff

This Freight Tariff is an indicative guide only and not a comprehensive price schedule. Please confirm prices with your booking agent. For more information about our service, to obtain a freight quotation or to book your cargo, please email or call 1300 038 228 and follow the prompts.

This Freight Tariff is subject to Bass Island Line's terms and conditions of carriage.

The Tariff is an indicative guide only and not a comprehensive pricing schedule.

Please confirm the shipping / freight quotation with Bass Island Line or your appointed booking agent.

For more information about the Bass Island Line Service, to obtain freight quotation or to book your freight, please email or call 1300 038 228 and follow the prompts.

Freight Tariff

Valid from 20 October to 31 December 2023

The Base Ocean Rates are subject to and do not include:

  • Bass Island Line variable monthly Fuel Surcharge; TasPorts Wharfage Component; TasPorts Infrastructure Levy, Goods and Service Tax.
  • Shipper Owned Container units only, all equipment must be Seaworthy and compliant under Maritime Shipping Regulations.
  • Rates are based on standard dimensions 6.1L x 2.5w x 2.89h (20ft container).
  • Units not tabled below or exceeding these conditions are Price on Application (POA).

Please contact Freight Connections Burnie / Mckenzie Agencies King Island for the shipment of any Loose Container Loads (LCL) or palletised cargo.

Devonport and King Island - Base Ocean Rate

One-way only

20ft / 6.1 Dry Containers (not including fuels/hazardous, refrigerated units, Out of Gauge cargo)

Lightweight - gross weight to 13,999kgs

Heavyweight - gross weight 14,000 to 27,000kgs
Empty - 20ft / 6.1m
Semi Trailer - Pantechnicon - Full trailer

Length 12.2 m and not exceeding 12.5m long up to 33,000kgs gross weight   

Semi Trailer - Empty return single trailer
Length 12.2m and not exceeding 12.5m long                                                    
Unladen Motor Vehicle, Motor Bike, All-Terrain Vehicle, Buggy 2 and 4 Wheel (containerised only)
Unladen (empty) passenger vehicles only, per unit, up to L 5.5m x W 2.0m x H 2.3m, each one-way only (non-commercial).

Tourist Rate (Free return, 2nd leg within 3 months - containerised only- different vehicle registration surcharge applies

Unladen (empty) large passenger vehicle up to length 5.9 m each (non-commercial), on-deck stow only
Motorbike / ATV / Buggy - each way (containerised only) includes 2 or 4 wheels
Wheeled cargo - per square metre (minimum charge applies)

Ancillaries / Surcharges

Fee Recovery - additional charges may apply and are not limited to:

  • trailer hire
  • cargo transfers
  • receival and delivery charges
  • port storage
  • escort fees
  • stevedoring and equipment charges
  • security
  • hazardous surcharges
  • fuel surcharge
  • weighbridge fees
  • power charges
  • stock facility levies
  • GST - goods and services tax

Price on application (POA)

  • Out of Gauge - over dimensional or over-weight cargo will be quoted
  • Non-Standard Semis
  • Livestock - Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs
  • 40ft / 12.2m Dry Containers
  • International Containers via Melbourne
  • Trans-shipment units via Melbourne

You can find a copy of the current Freight Tariff ready for download here:

Customer Service 1300 038 228