Cargo Receival and Delivery (R&D)

Port of Melbourne Depot

 SeaRoad Shipping, 52 Empress Road, Port of Melbourne

Deport Hours:

Monday to Friday: 07:00 to 16:30

Saturday: 07:00 to 15:00

All cargo, including cars, can only be dropped off at the SeaRoad terminal on the day of sailing.

All cargo delivered to SeaRoad Shipping for transhipping must be presented with a SeaRoad consignment note.

For cars where the consignor does not have the ability to print a consignment, a request must be made to Tas Cargo Services for a copy to be forwarded to SeaRoad on their behalf. A copy will also be sent to a mobile device. Motor vehicle consignors are reminded that vehicles are to be unladen.

Port of Devonport Depot – West Wharf

 Bass Island Line, Westport Road Miandetta (Devonport West Wharf, through TasPorts security gate)

Depot Hours:

Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 15:00

To ensure safe operations in the Devonport port area, R&D will not be available during ship cargo operations. Please check these times with your agent.

For customers shipping vehicles from Devonport to King Island, please park in the area to the left of the port entrance gates and call the number on the BIL gate.

For all cargo, other than vehicles, a valid MSIC is required to enter the port. The storage area is located within a Port Secure Zone. Please discuss these requirements with your shipping agent.

Port of Grassy Depot (King Island)

 Bass Island Line, 285 Grassy Harbour Road, Grassy

Depot hours:

Monday to Friday: 07:30 to 15:30

Weekends available by arrangement only