About the Operators


Bass Island Line is a dedicated shipping service to support the freight and logistics needs of King Island.

Bass Island Line provides a direct service from King Island to mainland Tasmania and provides transhipment options between Melbourne and King Island.

The service caters for containerised, bulk and vehicular cargo and livestock.

The newly formed company was incorporated in March 2017 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the State owned company, Tasmanian Ports Corporation Pty Ltd (TasPorts).

As owners of the newly incorporated entity, TasPorts is committed to providing King Island with a reliable and safe shipping service to and from the Island.

Bass Island Lines actively manages the operations through the provision of quality Work, Health, Safety and Environmental processes and stakeholder engagement. We are committed to the safety and security of our people, our cargo and our infrastructure. Our management systems and processes support the adherence to relevant local, national and international requirements. For more information please email info@bassislandline.com.au.

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A New Shipping Service


Bass Island Line currently operates a Landing Craft Vessel, Investigator II.

Investigator II is able to utilise the existing berth at Grassy Harbour and will be loading and unloading at Devonport East. The vessel is also suitable for the configuration at the Port of Stanley and will be utilising the port as required.

The service provides multiple sailings from King Island each week to ensure the cargo task is efficiently managed during peak periods.

Bass Island Line will deliver containerised, bulk and vehicular cargo into the Port of Devonport and will deliver livestock only into Port of Stanley as required.

The service will provide a transhipment operation between Melbourne and King Island.


For more information and to book freight services with Bass Island Line please email info@bassislandline.com.au or call 13 000 382 28.


Given the high seasonal demand for freight services to and from King Island, we are currently operating a rolling schedule, please call 13 000 382 28 to confirm the current sailing timeframes.

Bass Island Line’s intention is to facilitate up to three sailings from Devonport to Grassy a week, with a minimum of two return sailings to Devonport. Additional weekly livestock sailings to Stanley will be provided as required.

Port Schedule

Action Plan

Bass Island Line is delivering on a six point Action Plan around the shipping needs on King Island. This Action Plan will ensure that BIL meets King Island’s fertiliser needs in time for the seasonal break.

The Action Plan includes a short-term charter of a private vessel.

Action Plan

Terms & Conditions

Condition of use are available here.

Receipt and Delivery Facilities:

King Island:

Grassy Harbour
285 Grassy Harbour Road Grassy TAS 7256 Australia
Depot hours: 08:00 – 16:30 Mon – Fri (no R&D whilst ship is loading and unloading).
Please see schedule for this information or call 13 000 382 28


The Salt Pan – Wright Street, Bass Island Line Depot
Depot hours: 07:00 – 15:00 Mon – Fri
Contact: By arrangement on weekends please call 13 000 382 28


Qube Energy Depot
Appleton Dock
Enterprize Road, West Melbourne 3003.
Depot hours: 06:00 – 14:30 Mon - Fri
Contact: 13 000 382 28

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