Update 80

Christmas Schedule

As we move closer to the festive season, Bass Island Line (BIL) would like to encourage customers to start planning ahead.

John Duigan will lay up in Devonport over Christmas, to give our hard working crew and agents a well-deserved break.

There will be no changes to schedule over the New Year break. 
TasPorts Annual Report

TasPorts Annual Report

TasPorts released its 2017/2018 annual report this week. Despite reporting a $3 million loss, BIL delivered a step change in its shipping service for the people of King Island including the introduction of John Duigan and an expanded route linking Geelong in Victoria, all at no increase in freight charges. BIL has a strong foundation to continue to improve the service for the benefit of all Islanders.

Across the year BIL moved 65,764 tonnes, made up of 56,672 tonnes on Investigator II and 9,092 tonnes on John Duigan.

In addition BIL shipped 13,753 tonnes of fertiliser, 468 cars, 304 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) of general cargo, 277 TEU of dairy, 149 TEU of diesel, 134 TEU of grain and 424 livestock trailers.

For a copy of the full report please visit: www.tasports.com.au

Bass Island Line Update 80