Update 79

Getting the best from Bass Island Line (BIL)

There are simple things you can do to ensure fast and efficient service when sending freight via BIL.

John Duigan loading at Geelong Port

Steps to ensure an efficient process:

  1. Ensure cargo is pre-booked as early as possible. During peak periods you could experience delays if you do not book in advance.
  2. Make sure all paperwork is completed prior to delivering cargo to the port.
  3. Provide correct weights on paperwork at the time of booking. Inaccuracies may cause delays.
  4. Check delivery deadlines and vessel schedule before delivering freight to the terminal. This can be checked on the BIL web site: bassislandline.com.au
  5. Please remember that cash payments cannot be made at the ports and will need to be made via the shipping agent.

If you are unsure of any part of the process please call Tasmanian Cargo Services (TCS) for freight to the island on 03 64 322 990 or Jim McKenzie Agencies (JMA) for cargo from King Island on 03 64 621 415.

Trailer parking congestion at Grassy port

Recently a number of drivers have been leaving trailers at Grassy port.

Please notify us before leaving your trailer

At times this has impacted operations at the port. If you do need to use the port as a layover, please notify the staff in the office and they will direct you to a suitable parking space.

Welcome Mark

As we bid Jason Muller farewell, we also welcome Mark Enniss to the Grassy team. Mark takes over as a Transport Operator as of today. Welcome aboard Mark.

Welcome Mark

Bass Island Line Update 79