Update 74

New vehicle lashing trial

Bass Island Line (BIL) has started trials of new wheel lashings for vehicles being transported on John Duigan in the specially designed shipping containers.

The wheel lashings should make it easier for our crews to secure customer vehicles inside the vehicle shipping containers by providing greater stability around the fourth lashing point in the back corner of the container.

The new lashings are purpose built, practical and will improve the process of ensuring vehicles are delivered safely while being sheltered from the weather.

New vehicle lashing being tested.

Automated weighbridge

The Grassy weighbridge automation has been completed and is up and running.

The automated weighbridge offers flexibility and convenience for BIL customers who can now use the weighbridge outside of regular operating hours. In addition this system offers fast and accurate reporting direct to the customers preferred email address

Thank you to all users for supporting the transition to a more modern and efficient system.

New fender works

Installation of new fender brackets.

The installation of new fenders on Grassy wharf commenced this week.

The fender upgrade project provides a permanent fender and mooring solution at the wharf to better suit BIL’s operational requirements.

The works will minimise potential trip hazards, reduce rope wear points and provide better protection for the vessel.

New fenders awaiting installation.

BIL Update 74 full PDF available here.