Update 62

Weighbridge goes automated

The new automated system for the King Island weighbridge is now ready for use by weighbridge customers.

The weighbridge at Grassy.

This will help to streamline operations at the port of Grassy as it will eliminate the need to provide handwritten weigh dockets, with the system printing out its own legal weigh dockets for customers.

Any enquiries regarding the new system should be directed to TasPorts Property Officer Philippa Coetzee on: 6222 6024 or philippa.coetzee@tasports.com.au

Delayed crossing

A severe weather warning is in effect this weekend.

Due to the forecast of severe weather across Northern Tasmania and the Bass Strait tonight and tomorrow, John Duigan will delay her crossing to Geelong until conditions ease to allow safe passage.

Bass Island Line (BIL) customers will be kept up to date on the vessel’s movements as the weekend progresses.

Keep informed on current weather warnings by visiting the Bureau of Metrology website: www.bom.gov.au/tas/warnings

Fertiliser season wraps up

Another successful fertiliser season has come to an end, with an impressive 69 trips recorded and just over 12,000 tonnes imported to King Island via BIL.

The 2017/18 fertiliser season has yielded excellent results.

Commercial manager Prue Cunningham said the season ran smoothly.

“It’s great that we’ve been able to effectively deliver according to the commercial demands for this fertiliser season,” she said.

“With John Duigan lined up to complete next season’s shipments, we anticipate another successful season ahead.”

Bass Island Line – Update 62