Update 56

This week we celebrate and bid a fond farewell to Investigator II.

Since commencing service in April 2017, Investigator II has provided a safe and reliable short-term solution for King Island’s freight needs.

The vessel has now left service and has been returned to her owners (she is currently on her way to Cairns!). Before leaving, the crew gathered for an official send-off (see photo above).

Among the crew was Polaris Marine Master Rod Savage who had the job of safely delivering Investigator II on her final voyage.

“It’s been a great honour to be part of this final voyage,” said Rod.

“In my opinion, you’ve got to love what you have and I think everyone has loved working on this ship.

“At the end of the day it comes down to having a fantastic crew and that’s definitely what we had on the Investigator II. The stevedores have provided exceptional hospitality – rain hail or shine they always got the job done.”

Rod and the crew will continue to travel with the Investigator II up north. Shortly after this, Rod will join the crew on board John Duigan as the new vessel’s Chief Officer.

Image: Polaris Marine Master, Rod Savage, from the bridge of Investigator II.

Investigator II has been a lifeline for the community and we are all incredibly proud of the service she provided,” said BIL Business Manager, Tom McBroom.

“It has been a mammoth task for this little ship. I salute her and all who sailed on her, including all the supporting cast: operators, admins, stevedores, and agents.

“While we will miss her, we are also very pleased to welcome the John Duigan into service, which is a much bigger and stronger vessel.

“It will be the end of BIL chapter one and now chapter two can begin,” Tom said.

Image: Dockside with the crew for official send-off.

The final statistics for Investigator II (see section below) show what an amazing job she has done for BIL’s customers, stakeholders and crew during a very busy year.

Image: Investigator II leaving Grassy for the final voyage earlier this week.

After completing sea trials with this week, John Duigan will officially begin shipping to King Island this weekend with the inaugural voyage departing from Devonport with freight delivered to the former home port of Investigator II.

Investigator II: a proud record

During its service Investigator II:

  • Completed almost 300 voyages
  • Delivered more than 6000 TEUs
  • Delivered 22,884 head of cattle
  • Shipped more than 72,000 tonnes of cargo in total.

John Duigan’s reliability

John Duigan will offer improved reliability for our customers. The vessel has substantially better sea-state handling in the Bass Strait.

It has a V-shaped hull and is longer, heavier and wider than Investigator II.

The schedule

The next three sailings are as follows:

  • Saturday 5 May: General sailing – Depart Devonport 15:00
  • Sunday 6 May: General sailing –  Depart Grassy 13:30
  • Monday 7 April: General sailing – Depart Devonport 19:30

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