Update 59

Investigator II back with owner

The previous Bass Island Line (BIL) charted vessel Investigator II seamlessly transitioned back to its owners Toll in Cairns late last week.

Strong working relationships were developed between BIL, TasPorts, Polaris and Toll during the hire of the vessel, which served the King Island community from April 2017 to May 2018.

Investigator II made a brief stop in Sydney before making her way north to Queensland for the off hire to Toll.

Goodbye: Investigator II stops in Sydney before heading to Cairns.

TasPorts’ Executive General Manager Marine Services and Shipping, Matthew Johnston, thanked the Toll team on behalf of TasPorts.

“Toll’s support throughout the whole charter period of Investigator II was terrific and the transition of the vessel back to Toll was very smooth,” Matthew said.

Cars in container

BIL is aware of concerns being expressed by some people about the transportation of cars on John Duigan.

BIL has consistently said that we will provide protected stow for vehicles on John Duigan and we recently confirmed that we have hired new shipping containers for that very purpose.

That situation has not changed. The carriage of cars in containers on John Duigan has been trialled and six containers for the transportation of cars on the service are due to arrive very soon.


These containers will remain on the vessel to allow for loading and reloading of cars at all ports of call. They are ‘side door containers’ which allow cargo to be easily secured within the container and accessed in order to easily load/unload.

As some people noted on the King Island Community Noticeboard Facebook page this week, living on an island does expose cars to sea spray. At BIL our commitment is to minimise that exposure while cars are on our vessel. That will be best achieved with the containers.

If there are more than six cars in any one sailing, customers have the option for a later sailing or to have their car positioned between containers and other stow for protection.

Bass Island Line – Update 59