Update 49

John Duigan ports announced

Bass Island Line (BIL) is pleased to announce the interim ports of call for King Island’s new freight vessel, John Duigan.

BIL will sail from Geelong in Victoria, onto Grassy in King Island, then to Bell Bay on mainland Tasmania before returning to Geelong.

The agreement with GeelongPort is subject to assessment of operational details.

Pictured: John Duigan arriving at Invermay this week to complete final modifications before coming into service

GeelongPort was chosen because of the efficient services around handling & storage capability it provides for fertiliser and other primary King Island cargos.

Bell Bay has been determined as the most appropriate, immediate solution. It provides a suitable ramp for livestock and roll on/roll off cargo.

Stevedoring is well established at Bell Bay being well resourced to support the operational requirements of the service.

“This annoucement follows extensive discussions with all key stakeholders involved with the BIL service,” said BIL Business Manager, Tom McBroom.

“We are confident that the timing of these announcements will allow our customers sufficient time to plan for the seasons ahead.”

BIL will continue to review the operation with the intention of improving the service in the short, medium and long term.

A draft schedule for a weekly service has been developed and BIL is currently seeking feedback from its customers.

Comradery at sea

Earlier this week, BIL vessel The Investigator II assisted LD Eastern Line vessel The Statesman in an emergency medical evacuation, or ‘medivac’.

Both ships were anchored at Naracoopa Bay on Monday, when the Statesman requested a medivac for an injured crew member.

Investigator II crew members responded swiftly to the call and were able to successfully transport the injured crewmember via rescue craft to shore.

The injured crewmember is known to have received treatment and was returned back to The Statesman later that day.

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