Update 41

Pulling the load

A full inbound general cargo sailing on the Investigator II last Sunday kicked off a busy week for Bass Island Line (BIL). During the week the vessel also completed three back to back livestock sailings from Grassy to Stanley.

This coming week livestock sailings will return to two services. BIL has worked hard over the past few weeks to meet the livestock demand across the festive period.

And they’re off!

TasPorts General Manager Customer Management, Kevin Moore and BIL Business Manager, Tom McBroom are back on King Island again meeting stakeholder and the wider community.

Kevin and Tom have been attending meetings on the island today as they continue to listen to customer and stakeholder needs ahead of the arrival of the new BIL vessel, John Duigan.

Kevin and Tom also visited the port of Grassy to look over the cargo in the port and view the new safety walkway. This new facility is the latest improvement to the port which is used by BIL customers.

Tomorrow Kevin and Tom will attend the Maritime Day Races to present award rugs to the winners of our sponsored events – the TasPorts Corporation Pace and the Bass Island Line Gallop.

“Bass Island Line and TasPorts are proud members of the King Island community and we are happy to sponsor and attend this event,” said Kevin

Master change

There will be an Investigator II Master changeover this weekend. Andrew Brewster will take over from Rod Savage for the next four weeks.

BIL thanks Rod and his crew for sailing through a busy start to the New year.

The schedule

The next three sailings are as follows:

  • Saturday 20 January: General sailing – Depart Devonport30pm
  • Sunday 21 January: General sailing- Depart Grassy 1:30pm
  • Monday 22 January: Livestock sailing – Depart Stanley 11pm

Update 41 full PDF available here.