Update 39

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Bass Island Line (BIL) team! We wish all of our customers and stakeholders a successful year ahead.


The new vessel

BIL is looking forward to the arrival of the new vessel, John Duigan. The new vessel will be larger and faster than the Investigator II with:

  • 83% increased deck space
  • 120% increase in weight capacity
  • 90% increase in container capacity
  • 20% increase in running speed (from 10 knots to 12 knots)

BIL intends for the John Duigan to sail from Victoria once a week. The best day to call at King Island is part of ongoing discussions with customers. The schedule will of course be announced before the new vessel comes into service.

TasPorts is also discussing with customers the possibility of sailing northbound from King Island to Victoria.

The new vessel has substantially better sea-state handling in the Bass Strait, which will improve the reliability of the service.


200 not out

In the meantime the Investigator II continues to provide a safe and reliable service. This Wednesday, 3 January, marked another significant milestone in the BIL journey. The Investigator II completed her 200th voyage – sailing quietly into Stanley at 10:30pm.

BIL Business Manager, Tom McBroom said BIL was “extremely proud to have hit the second century”.

“Reaching this milestone is a great start to 2018,” Tom said.

“We are expecting even more successess for our customers during the rest of the year, with the anticipated arrival of the new vessel in the coming months.

“I am proud to be part of the dedicated BIL team.Our achivements since the commencement of this vital service for King Island are impressive and I’m excited for the opportunites that 2018 will bring.”


Master change

There will be an Investigator II Master changeover this weekend. Rod Savage will take over from Andrew Brewster for the next two weeks.

A big thanks to Andrew Brewster and his crew for sailing through the recent busy festive period.


The schedule

Over the next few weeks BIL will be running three livestock sailings per week as a response to the demand over the busy Spring season.


Update 39 full PDF available here.