Update 40

Another landmark

It’s been an impressive start to the year for Bass Island Line (BIL) as we continue to work with our King Island customers to meet their needs. Last week we celebrated our 200th sailing. This week the Investigator II completed her 100th livestock sailing.

Thank you to all our customers for your ongoing business.


Safety first

BIL has been consistent in saying that safety is our number one priority. Due to strong weather warnings for North West Tasmania and Southern King Island, two livestock sailings were cancelled this week.

In response, BIL will complete three back to back livestock sailings next week, with capacity to fulfil movements from the cancelled livestock sailings this week.


Impressive sweep

The King Island Boat Club (KIBC) Stonehaven Cup team completed their most successful Stonehaven Regatta to date. The team won the coveted ‘Stonehaven Cup’, the ‘Team’s Trophy’ and the ‘Andrew Linacre Trophy’.


Hosted by the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in Victoria, this was KIBC’s 14th year of participation in the Regatta.

BIL is proud to have assisted the successful team sail to victory by providing free freight to KIBC on the first leg of their journey between King Island and Devonport. SeaRoad completed the following journey to Victoria.

“We took four dinghies and a rescue boat, all carried freight free by BIL – a major sponsor this year. Without this type of community and industry support, it would be very difficult to attend an offshore regatta such as this.” said John Brewster, Stonehaven Team Manager.

The schedule

The next three sailings are as follows:

  • Saturday 13 January: General sailing – Depart Devonport30pm
  • Sunday 14 January: General sailing- Depart Grassy 1.30pm
  • Monday 15 January: Livestock sailing – Depart Stanley 11pm

Update 40 full PDF available here.