Update 34

Bass Island Line (BIL) is a proud member of the King Island community. That’s why we are supporting the King Island Boat Club (KIBC) in their upcoming participation in the 89th annual Stonehaven Cup in Victoria in January 2018.

BIL is offering shipping of the KIBC dinghies and rescue craft at no cost on the first leg of the journey between Grassy and Devonport and again on the return leg.

BIL will also be covering the cost of transfers of both container and trailer between BIL and SeaRoad depots in Devonport.

Our shipping agent, Jim Mckenzie Agencies, is working with BIL on the first leg of the journey from Grassy to Devonport. SeaRoad is then assisting the KIBC on the second leg of the journey, from Devonport to Melbourne.

KIBC has run a Youth Sailing Training Program for many years. The culmination of their training program is the opportunity for the young sailors to participate in the interstate Stonehaven Cup competition.

This program offers their young sailors the opportunity to represent Tasmania in a high level competition, not available on the island. KIBC has competed in the eight-day competition for the past 12 years, with two wins for the State.

87th Stonehaven Cup – (Ray Smith/Royal Brighton Yacht Club)

“It gives BIL enormous pleasure to support the young sailors of the island,” said BIL Business Manager Tom McBroom.

“We wish them the very best of luck in the competition,” he said.

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