Update 33

Meeting peak season demand

Bass Island Line (BIL) is inviting customers to take steps to help ensure the smooth delivery of service during the current peak season.

We are now entering the Spring/Summer peak time for shipping to and from King Island.

“At this busy time of year, we are seeing high seasonal demand for agricultural products like fertiliser and stockfeed as well as livestock movements,” said BIL Business Manager Tom McBroom.

“On top of this, there is a greater quantity of general freight for Christmas.

“BIL is handling the increased freight volumes well and without delay.

“Customers can also play a part to help ensure the service operates as efficiently as possible and we would certainly appreciate it if customers could help us in that way,” Mr McBroom said.

Customers can take the following steps:

  • Get in touch to discuss their needs by calling 1300 038 228 or emailing BIL on info@bassislandline.com.au
  • Pre-book and deliver cargo to the port as early as possible.
  • When possible, deliver cargo into Melbourne earlier in the week than a Friday.

Mr McBroom said the shipping agents and BIL were ready to assist with any customer enquiries.

“Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation,” he said.

The schedule 

The next three sailings are as follows:

  • Saturday 18 November: General cargo – Depart Devonport 1pm
  • Sunday 19 November: General cargo – Depart Grassy 1.30pm
  • Monday 20 November: Livestock – Depart Stanley 1.00pm


The BIL website contains a host of information to make it easier for customers to use our service.

A full schedule showing departure and arrival times is on the BIL website.

Visit bassislandline.com.au and click on the ‘Schedule’ button.

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Update 33 PDF available here.