Update 32

Supporting the community

Bass Island Line (BIL) has joined with The Lions Club of King Island to support a project to protect the environment.

BIL this week helped the Lions Club to load a container of scrap metal and batteries bound for mainland Tasmania to be recycled. The waste material would otherwise end up in land fill.

Loading the container

BIL is shipping the container to Devonport on Sunday’s voyage free of charge.

Delivering the service at no cost means the Lions Club will be able to use their funds for the benefit of the community including providing playground equipment in both Currie and Grassy.

Roy Berkin of TasPorts and Ira Cooke of Lions Club of King Island.

“We are very happy to be able to join with the Lions Club to support such a positive endeavour,” said BIL Business Manager Tom McBroom.

“BIL is a proud member of the King Island community and it’s a pleasure to be able to make a contribution to protecting the pristine natural environment on the island.”

“It is also great to know that by removing this waste for free we are safeguarding Lions Club funds for other important projects on the island.”


The current season  

BIL is meeting all known demands for the current season. Customers are invited to get in touch to discuss their needs by calling 1300 038 228.


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