Update 28

Responding to change

Bass Island Line (BIL) is committed to providing a responsive and safe shipping service to the King Island community.

That commitment was on show again this week when BIL offered a general cargo service for customers after the scheduled livestock sailing had to be cancelled due to poor weather.

The Ship Master advised conditions in the Bass Strait were unfavourable for the scheduled livestock service.

“The weather is beyond our control and this week it affected our sailing, as it did for other Bass Strait operators,” said BIL Business Manager Tom McBroom.

“We responded quickly to the situation by offering a general cargo sailing for our customers and providing combined livestock and general cargo sailings this weekend and early next week.”


Services for the remainder of the week are currently running to schedule.

Freight to date

Since operation commenced in April this year, BIL has moved over 30,000 tonnes of freight into and off King Island.

This week saw an additional service completed, moving farm machinery from Grassy to Stanley.

The Spring season for fertiliser is steadily increasing, with seventeen containers moved to date.

The current season

BIL is pleased to report that it is meeting all known demand for the current Spring season. Customers are invited to get in touch to discuss their needs.

Customers can contact BIL to discuss their requirements by calling 1300 038 228.

Update 28 PDF available here