Update 27

Business as usual

Bass Island Line (BIL) is pleased to confirm services for the upcoming weekend are running to schedule.

The Investigator II is expected to depart Devonport on Sunday 8 October at 1pm and will arrive in Grassy at 7am on Monday 9 October.

Working together

Darren Batt, of Tasmanian Cargo Services (TCS), provides insight into the shipping agent’s role of BIL’s King Island service.

What is TCS’s role in the BIL service?

Tasmanian Cargo Services are one of BIL’s agents for cargo, originating from either Melbourne or Devonport.

Our office handles customer bookings, communications, logistics of moving cargo from Melbourne to Devonport and coordinates with the stevedores on the load plans for the ship. We also receive and handle documents for cargo originating from both of these two ports.

For cargo originating from Grassy, destined for Melbourne; TCS also coordinates logistics discharge from Devonport back to mainland Australia.

Jim McKenzie agencies are also a critical part of the BIL operation; filling a similar role to ours for cargo originating from King Island.

Explain the relationship between TCS & BIL

BIL and TCS, as I view it are one and the same. We work in conjunction with each other to provide the best possible service to our clients in a seamless manner.

While the businesses are owned separately, we both work towards the common goal of providing the best logistical solutions we can.

What benefits has BIL’s service provided to King Island communities?

BILs operation is critical to the King Island community, both to business and to every individual.

Together we provide an extremely important service that strives to ensure personal cargo, commercial cargo and livestock is moved to and from the island in timeframes required by shippers and consignees.

Whilst this is sometimes challenging, our staff are absolutely committed to doing the very best they can to meet these requirements.

Are there any current updates from TCS on the BIL service?

General cargo volumes are currently being managed without issues, with spare capacity on the last couple of sailings. We have cleared all cargos from Melbourne and Devonport terminals at the time of sailing.

There are no significant updates to note from TCS, which in itself is encouraging that our service is confidently delivering for our customers.


Freight to date

Since commencing on 17 September, BIL’s Spring Season has so far seen sixteen containers of fertilizer safely delivered to King Island from Melbourne via Devonport.

The total number of voyages to date is 134, of which 58 have been livestock sailings seeing 9480 head of cattle between Grassy and Stanley.

To date, 7151 tonnes of fertiliser have been moved to King Island and with the Spring Season kicking off, we are looking forward to seeing this increase.


Spring in your step

BIL is welcoming the improved weather conditions and is anticipating a successful spring season.

Since commencing on 17 September, BIL’s Spring Season has so far seen sixteen containers of fertilizer safely delivered to King Island from Devonport.

All customers are invited to get in touch to discuss their needs for the current spring season.

You can do that by calling call BIL on 1300 038 228 to discuss your requirements.


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