Update 23

Can we fix it? Yes we can.

The Investigator II will set sail for Grassy tonight loaded with general cargo after an expert team of engineers worked around the clock and over the weekend to repair the vessel’s recent engine difficulties.

The Bass Island Line (BIL) vessel is on schedule to sail from Devonport at 6pm this evening and arrive in Grassy at 1pm tomorrow.

One of the two engines of the Investigator II encountered problems during a livestock crossing to Grassy last week. The vessel immediately returned to Devonport for repairs.

HANDS ON: The engineering team getting the vessel’s engine ship-shape earlier this week.

Customers first

BIL Business Manager, Tom McBroom, said customers have been “at the forefront of our minds” throughout the past week.

“We are very aware of the diverse needs of our various customers and we are very appreciative of their patience while we have got on with the job of fixing the engine.”

TALKING: BIL Business Manager Tom McBroom is speaking with affected customers.

Mr McBroom said BIL was talking to all its major customers to work out their current needs to assist in developing the schedule for upcoming sailings.

“If anyone has any particular freight requirements over the next couple of weeks, please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can work with you to get it delivered.”

Receival and Delivery

Mr McBroom said TasPorts would open the port of Grassy tomorrow to allow for Receival and Delivery (R&D) of goods being delivered.

“I would encourage customers who want to get into the port tomorrow to get their goods to call the port directly on 6461 1155.”

TasPorts will again make staff and equipment available to help customers collect and return containers.

Team effort

Mr McBroom said there had been “a unique set of circumstances” over the past week.

“We had poor weather, engine troubles with the Investigator II and the grounding of another company’s vessel on a livestock run into the port of Stanley.

ON THE WATER: The Investigator II is back in action after undergoing sea trials this week.

“Thanks to the effort of our team, we have come through those challenges and will be sailing to King Island today.”

Mr McBroom said the staff from BIL and Polaris had been “fantastic” in their efforts to complete the engine repairs.

“The team have worked around the clock and gone above and beyond to get the vessel back on the water so it can continue supporting the community on King Island.”

Mr McBroom said BIL sent one employee to Perth in Western Australia to hand deliver key parts back to Devonport to speed up the repair work while one of BIL’s suppliers personally carried down additional parts from Melbourne after receiving them express-delivery from Singapore.

“This is one of the best crews I have ever seen throughout my career in shipping,” he said.

Ship ahoy

The crossing leaving Grassy this evening will head up the coast before holding ahead of the Bass Strait crossing, due to the weather.

“The current poor weather conditions are expected to lessen in the early hours of tomorrow morning and that should allow us to sail and arrive in Grassy around lunchtime tomorrow,” Mr. McBroom said.

“After this sailing we are looking to do two back-to-back livestock sailings so that we can meet the needs of our livestock customers.

“We certainly understand their requirements and are grateful for their understanding.”

CHOPPY: A graphic showing high waves continuing in Bass Strait.

Springing into action

All customers are invited to get in touch to discuss their needs for the spring season.

You can do that by calling call BIL on 1300 038 228 to discuss your requirements.

Update 23 PDF available here