Update 22

Investigator II repairs underway
An expert team of engineers is currently repairing the Investigator II in Devonport after the vessel experienced engine difficulties earlier this week.

Bass Island Line (BIL) anticipates that the vessel, which services the community on King Island, should be available to return to service this Sunday.

One of the two engines of the Investigator II encountered problems during a livestock crossing to Grassy on Wednesday. The vessel immediately returned to Devonport for repairs.

FIXING: Cameron Bush of Blue Water Marine and Diesel and Geoff Watson, Manager Fleet TasPorts, are part of a team working to repair the Investigator II engine.

“The team at TasPorts and BIL is pulling out the stops to get the Investigator II back into service as quickly as possible,” said TasPorts General Manager Marine Services, Matthew Johnston.

“All vessels can experience engine troubles from time to time and in this case there was a problem with a leaking cylinder clogging up the engine filters.

UPDATE: TasPorts General Manager Marine Services, Matthew Johnston, says staff are pulling out all the stops to repair the vessel.

“Our team has stripped back the engine, brought in new parts and is working flat out to put the engine back together so we can get the vessel on the water by the weekend.

“BIL was forced to cancel a livestock sailing from Stanley to King Island and back again earlier this week. We are working closely with our customers on this matter,” Mr Johnston said.

The next crossing is likely to be a general cargo sailing and could be as early as Sunday as per the current schedule. This is however subject to the weather, with forecasts pointing to some challenging weather over the weekend.

Spring has sprung

Today is officially the first day of spring so BIL is taking the opportunity to remind customers to get in touch to discuss their needs for the upcoming spring season when fertiliser demand is likely to rise.

You can call BIL on 1300 038 228 to discuss your requirements.

BIL is working hard to prevent a repeat of the previous season when demand for fertiliser to King Island created some challenges. Of course, BIL had only been operating for a short period of time at that stage. Now we have had the opportunity to learn and as a result we are:

  • Working closely with the fertiliser shippers in preparation for the upcoming spring season.
  • Monitoring the upcoming freight task and working closely with the primary shipper in calculating the amount of containers required to fulfil the King Island growers’ seasonal needs.
  • Working with stakeholders to explore storage options at Grassy Port to allow for buffer stock on the island now and into the future.
  • Exploring options for designating fertiliser containers as priority cargo to ensure efficient delivery and turnaround.

New website coming soon

BIL recognises that good communications are very important for everyone on King Island who uses and relies on our shipping service.

Since we started operating almost five months ago we have sent 22 BIL updates. That averages out at one a week. These are sent by email to all key stakeholders. If you know anyone who you think should receive the BIL update just respond to the email you receive and ask for that person to be added.

BIL – and other colleagues at TasPorts – is also in regular contact with stakeholders on King Island by phone, email and in person. This happens frequently in an effort to address any issues as they arise and improve our service as we go.

BIL sent a staff member to King Island for two weeks during the peak of the autumn season to provide responsive customer liaison services.

BIL also has a contact number which customers can call during business hours to discuss their requirements. It is 1300 038 228.

Our website (below) allows customers to find more information, including the most recent shipping schedule.

WEBSITE: the current BIL website (above) is set for a relaunch in the near future to help customers get the information they need.

BIL has listened to customer feedback and is hoping to relaunch this site in the near future. Stay tuned for more information about that!

TasPorts has also worked closely with media organisations and will continue to do so.

Update 22 PDF available here