Update 20

The upcoming season

Bass Island Line (BIL) is inviting its customers to plan ahead for the upcoming spring season when fertiliser demand is likely to rise. You can call BIL on 1300 038 228 to discuss your requirements.

BIL is working hard to prevent a repeat of the previous season when demand for fertiliser to King Island created some challenges. Of course, BIL had only been operating for a short period of time at that stage. Now we have had the opportunity to learn and that is why we are:

  • Working closely with the fertiliser shippers in preparation for the upcoming spring season.
  • Analysing the upcoming freight task and assisting the primary shipper in calculating the amount of containers required to fulfil the King Island growers’ seasonal needs.
  • Working with stakeholders to explore storage options at Grassy port to allow for buffer stock on the island now and into the future.
  • Exploring options for designating fertiliser containers as priority cargo to ensure efficient delivery and turnaround.

Continuing to deliver

BIL will be working through the weekend to ensure the freight task is kept up to date with general cargo services. Three back-to-back livestock sailings are scheduled to follow next week.

Due to the serve weather we are experiencing, the Investigator II is currently holding outside of Grassy Harbour. The Master has advised conditions are not unsuitable for docking on berth due to unfavorable winds and surge in harbour. The vessel is due to berth at Grassy at 7.00am tomorrow.

Update 20 PDF available here