Update 16

Today Bass Island Line (BIL) will complete its 88th voyage since it started operating the King Island shipping service on 7 April.


BIL continues to work hard to support the livestock industry on King Island. Weather conditions forced the cancellation of a scheduled livestock voyage earlier this week. In consultation with livestock transport operators, three back to back livestock sailings have now been scheduled for next week. This includes an additional livestock sailing from the original schedule.


The total freight movement to date, including both north and south bound voyages, is now close to 19,000 tonnes of cargo. This includes fuel, groceries, stockfeed, household goods, construction and agricultural equipment and motor vehicles.

Annual Survey

Next Thursday and Friday, the Investigator II will be docked at Devonport for its annual safety survey. A certificate of survey shows that a vessel has been surveyed and meets standards for design, construction, stability and safety equipment. This will ensure Investigator II continues to comply with its AMSA requirements for vessel certification. Safety of course is paramount.

For bookings, please call Bass Island Line on 1300 038 228.

For further information and the shipping schedule, please visit the Bass Island Line website at bassislandline.com.au

Update 16 PDF available here