Update 13

Bass Island Line (BIL) continues to respond to customer demand by ensuring that all booked cargo is delivered to King Island promptly.

Fertiliser demand

BIL is pleased to confirm that it has exceeded the customer-set target of 227 containers of fertiliser in time for the seasonal break. To date, 236 containers of fertiliser have been delivered to the island since BIL started operating on 7 April. A small amount of fertiliser continues to be booked but demand for this cargo has now fallen off sharply.

Service reliability

To date there have been 70 BIL voyages since 7 April, with just four being postponed due to extreme weather. Safety remains BIL’s number one priority in deciding whether to sail.

Moving cargo

To date, 562 containers have been moved onto King Island in general cargo crossings since BIL started operating. A further 453 containers have been moved off King Island onto mainland Tasmania, including 51 dairy containers, 16 kelp, 376 empties and 10 general.

BIL has also undertaken 13 livestock sailings out of Grassy to mainland Tasmania successfully moving around 4400 head of cattle.

Weather delay

Poor weather has delayed a crossing this week. The general cargo sailing due to leave Devonport yesterday will depart on Sunday. This has been communicated to key stakeholders and customers. In line with normal practice, BIL will seek to move cargo delayed by weather on the next sailing.

The search for a replacement vessel

As planned, Investigator II will be replaced. BIL continues to explore the available options for a replacement ship. As this progresses, we will keep you informed.

For bookings, please call BIL on 1300 038 228. For further information and the shipping schedule, please visit the BIL website at www.bassislandline.com.au

Update 13 PDF available here