Update 12

Ensuring that all booked freight was successfully delivered on time remained a key focus this week, and was successfully achieved. Thank you to our customers for your cooperation and ongoing support during the start-up of the new shipping service.

Service reliability

To date, there have been 64 Bass Island Line voyages since 7 April with a 95% success rate for completed voyages. Just three voyages have been missed because of extreme weather. This has been achieved with safety remaining the number one priority.

Getting the job done

This week, 530 general cargo containers have been moved. Next week, we look forward to completing the delivery of the remaining fertiliser to meet this important task on schedule.

Our two Masters and crews have been dedicated and hardworking during the start-up phase of Bass Island Line. Thank you to the teams for working around the clock to provide a reliable service.

The search for a replacement vessel

As planned, Investigator II will be replaced. Bass Island Line continues to explore the available options for a replacement ship to succeed the current arrangement. As this progresses, we will keep you informed.

For bookings, please call Bass Island Line on 1300 038 228.

For further information and the shipping schedule, please visit the Bass Island Line website at http://bassislandline.com.au.

Update 12 PDF available here