Update 11

Bass Island Line (BIL) will deliver its 500th container of freight to King Island tomorrow morning when the Investigator II sails into the port of Grassy.

Tomorrow’s general cargo sailing includes 27 containers, adding to the 473 containers that BIL has already moved to King Island since it started operating on 7 April.

Tomorrow’s sailing – which is the 57th voyage since operations started – will also include another 15 fertiliser containers, bringing the total amount of fertiliser containers to 196.

BIL is on track to meet the target of 227 containers of fertiliser next week – achieving the goal of ensuring farmers get all the fertiliser they need in time for the seasonal break.

At the same time, BIL continues to successfully meet the needs of the cattle industry on King Island.

Since BIL started, it has undertaken eight livestock sailings out of Grassy to mainland Tasmania successfully moving around 2750 head of cattle.

BIL will provide two back to back livestock sailings between King Island and mainland Tasmania in the first half of next week.

Since 7 April, BIL has moved a wide range of freight onto King Island including food, fuel, livestock, vehicles, machinery and agricultural, dairy and building products.

BIL now expects to meet all current freight demand on King Island without needing to bring a second vessel into service. At the same time, BIL continues to actively seek a vessel to replace the Investigator II.

BIL continues to strongly encourage all islanders to book their orders as early as possible by calling 1300 038 228.

BIL is encouraging all customers on King island to help by picking up and returning containers at the port of Grassy in a timely fashion. TasPorts Grassy will accommodate this on Monday and

Tuesday between livestock operations. Please call the Grassy office directly on 6461 1155 to confirm times.

For further information, please visit the BIL website at https://bassislandline.com.au/

Update 11 PDF available here