Update 6

Bass Island Line (BIL) has again arranged for Grassy port to open this Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

This is the third time this service has been made available. On previous occasions some containers have not been collected.

Please help us help you by collecting and returning the containers.

TasPorts will again make available staff and equipment to help customers collect and return containers.

Call the Grassy port directly on 6461 1155 with any questions about the Sunday opening.

In the meantime, fertiliser and other freight continues to flow into King Island. As of today (26 May), BIL has delivered 366 containers to King Island, including 111 fertiliser containers.

The 20 empty containers BIL brought in are now moving through the fertiliser supply chain.

BIL employee, Prue, is still on the Island working with customers on freight and container issues. If you would like to contact Prue please call 0402 255 409.

Here is the latest update on recent and upcoming cargo movements to King Island:

  • As at today, BIL has bookings for 40 containers, including 27 fertiliser. These will be delivered on today’s and Sunday’s sailings.

Update 6 PDF available here