Update 5

Fertiliser and other freight continues to flow into King Island on the Bass Island Line (BIL) service.

BIL and others across the supply chain are working hard to ensure farmers get all the fertiliser they need to time for the seasonal break.

BIL has moved 99 containers of fertiliser into the island since it started operating on 7 April 2017.

That amounts to 2280 tonnes of fertiliser delivered to King Island in six-and-a-half weeks.

To help further, BIL has now leased 20 empty containers and placed them into the supply chain to help existing container providers. This should further speed up delivery of fertiliser onto King Island.

BIL’s records show there are 63 containers of fertiliser still to be delivered to King Island by the end of May with a further 65 containers due to be delivered by 7 June. All of this fertiliser will be delivered.

Since BIL started, it has also undertaken six livestock sailings out of Grassy to Tasmania successfully moving around 2090 head of cattle to support the farming industry on the Island.

As promised, BIL also opened the port at Grassy last Sunday (21 May) to help customers. Thank you to those customers who collected containers. BIL encourages others to do the same this Sunday.

The port of Grassy will open again this Sunday from 8am to 2pm. TasPorts will again make available staff and equipment to help customers collect and return containers.

Customers can call the Grassy port directly on 6461 1155 with any questions about the Sunday opening.

BIL continues to actively seek a vessel to replace the Investigator II. BIL has consistently said the Investigator II was a short-term shipping solution and a larger and better vessel would be sought.

BIL continues to strongly encourage all islanders to help manage the current situation by booking their orders as early as possible. You can do that by calling 1300 038 228.

BIL employees, Pru and Tom, are on the Island this week meeting with customers.

If you would like to catch up with them to talk about freight and container issues,

just call 0402 255 409.

Here is the latest update on recent and upcoming cargo movements to King Island:

  • As of the 23 May, BIL has delivered 302 containers to King Island, including 99 fertilisers.
  • As at today, BIL has bookings for 26 containers, including 13 fertiliser.

Update 5 PDF available here