Update 3

Bass Island Line (BIL) continues to ensure King Island’s fertiliser and other freight needs are met.

In light of the current situation, BIL is looking to bring additional fertiliser containers into the supply chain to support existing container providers, even though that is usually not the role of the shipping service.

To assist further, BIL has arranged for the port at Grassy to be open from 8am to 2pm this Sunday (21 May). Those hours can be extended to meet demand. BIL encourages all islanders with freight booked on the sailing arriving on Saturday 20 May to collect their containers on Sunday 21 May.

The necessary staff and equipment will be made available to help you collect your full containers and return your empty containers this Sunday.

If you have any questions about this please call the Grassy port directly on 6461 1155.

BIL continues to actively seek a vessel to replace the Investigator II. BIL has consistently said the Investigator II was a short-term shipping solution and a larger and better vessel would be sought.

The King Island community can help us manage the current situation by booking their orders as early as possible. You can do that by calling 1300 038 228.

BIL would like to advise that there is no outstanding freight in Devonport waiting to be moved to King Island. All freight booked with BIL continues to be moved to King Island in a timely fashion.

Update 3 PDF available here